Music is a journey without end....


Jasmina Kulaglich, piano

 Lev Maslovsky, violin

 Igor Kiritchenko, cello



Three nationalities in this very slavonic trio !

Jasmina Kulaglich Lev Maslovsky Igor Kiritchenko
Photo : Marie Sophie Leturcq


A young ensemble of experienced musicians !


A Parisian group of musicians from Serbia, Russia, Ukraine


Original, colourful programs - "The Rainbow", "Soaring over Slavonic lands",

"The Seasons", "Romanticism from Bohemia"...


Trio Bohème Jasmina Kulaglich Lev Maslovsky Igor Kiritchenko Slavonic Trio piano violin cello tchaikovsky piazzolla

     « Remarkable trio....with the quality and commitment of the interpretation »                                         ( Bertrand Ferrier)

  « It’s indescribably beautiful… and indescribably bold… »            

                                                                           (Var Matin)


«...the performance of works by these experienced musicians – whose strong temperaments shine through – is superbly coordinated »


«… perfect control of the volumes, with spirit and enthusiasm, a perfect balance between the three instruments »


                                                                                                        (The Multilayered European)



April 5th 2019 : Trio Bohème's new CD « The Seasons »

will be released under the « Calliope » label



The West Premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Seasons transcribed for the trio by Alexandre Goedicke


The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla


 Broadcasting : Great Britain, France, Benelux, Germany, Japan, China, USA... by NAXOS



Teaser : Recording of the CD « The Seasons »

Concerts coming in 2019


February 8th - Serbian Cultural Center, Paris


February 9th - Studio Stephen Paulello, Villethierry (Yonne)


February 10th- Saisons Musicales Ritmy (Richebourg, Les Yvelines)


April 28th - Danièle Bloch's Art University, Paris


April 30th - Goethe Institut, Paris - Promotionnel concert of the CD "The Seasons" by Calliope


July 7th - "Tudeley Festival" (Great Britain)


July 9th - London, "Seven Star Concerts"


September 15th - 23rd - Tour in Serbia


November 2nd - "Atelier de la Main d'Or", Paris


November 3rd - "Musique d'abord" Festival, Barbizon (France)