New review for the CD The Seasons

in Italy






Con leggerezza ed eleganza il Trio Bohème – Lev Maslovsky al violino, Igor Kiritchenko al violoncello e Jasmina Kulaglich al pianoforte – uno splendido Opus 102 di Stephen Paulello – esplora un repertorio inusuale, poco frequentato pur se opera di compositori conosciutissimi che in epoche e con intenzioni diverse hanno dedicato la loro musica allo scorrere delle stagioni. Quelle di Tchaikovsky – 12 brevi composizioni, intitolate ai mesi dell’anno, originariamente scritte per pianoforte, qui nella trascrizione per trio di Alexander Goedicke – e le Four Season of Buenos Aires di Astor Piazzolla. Un regalo per bene-augurare in musica lo scorrere del tempo nel prossimo anno.


Ferrucio Nuzzi – Grey’s Panters


 « From Lev Maslovsky’s well-rounded violin that reminds one of Gidon Kremer… to Igor Kiritchenko’s cello return from very expressive and at times deeply-moving solos


Jasmina Kulaglich, the inspired and dynamic tuning peg of the Trio Bohème, with the ever-present, hypnotic and obsessive rhythm of the tango, contributing literally to capturing the audience.



A find – an album that’s particularly alluring. »



                                              Michel Roubinet, « Concertclassic »


“In this new interpretation, The Seasons of Tchaikovsky get their second wind : from the attack of the bows (February – Carnival), the timbres of the pizzicato (June – Barcarole) and the ever sorrowful cantabile of the strings (the eloquent violin of Lev Maslovsky in Autumn Song), to the lulls into which Jasmina Kulaglich’s piano narrative slides (July – Song of the Harvesters) exalting all Slavic souls… the magnificent weightlessness of Igor Kiritchenko’s cello at the centre of Piazzolla’s Autumn…



The musicians’ subtle poetry, commitment and sincerity enchant. An endearing album.”       


                                                                  Fabienne Bouvet, « Classica »



“The palpable play between the three musicians, their sensitivity and breathing draw out the richness of the transcription, magnificently articulated, and with a smooth sound…


The universe of the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla is full of passion, sensuality and hard, unexpected mood swings. The Trio Bohème controls the atmosphere perfectly. The three musicians go from vibrant swing to nostalgic cantabile, in a style that favours elegance with respect to the harsh movements, without ever releasing the tension or letting the pressure drop.


The result is an airy, eloquent musical interpretation.”


                                                                 Rémy Franck, Pizzicato » 5*





“Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons flow with a marvellous feeling of gentleness. Each track calls to poetry. June is played with infinite tenderness. When October arrives, the violin makes our hearts soar as we flip through the pages of the old agenda one by one… The Trio Bohème has given us its most beautiful gift : another year and not a wrinkle more.”


                     Nicolas Roberge - "Classique HD"





The coherence of the trio is perfect… It’s through this atypical repertoire that the Trio Bohème achieves its quintessence… leaving the door open to all the pleasures of interpretation.”


                                                                                                                          Jean François Robin


 “A remarkable sense of oneness unites the group: the same breathing, beautiful synchronisation, effective communities of intentions… We revel before music played with such rich harmonics.”

                                                                    Bertrand Ferrier           

“The three cohorts play these 12 ‘months’ with poetic fluidity and clarity… We might even end up preferring this transcript to the original.”


                                                                                 Thierry Vagne


“Assertive poetry and sensibility… The combination of instruments adds new colours et reveals unexpected aspects.”                                                                 


                                                  Ulysse Long-Hun-Nam, Platines








«...the performance of works by these experienced musicians – whose strong temperaments shine through – is superbly coordinated »


«… perfect control of the volumes, with spirit and enthusiasm, a perfect balance between the three instruments »



                                                                                                                                                    The Multilayered European